« The meaning of the FabLab network is the progress. (…) The point is not to be branded a FabLab, the point is what is enables you to do. »

Neil Gershenfeld, Fab Acadeny Recitations,  The state of the Fab Lab Network, Available online: https://youtu.be/hNW-G7U9yTU

impression de support pour appareil de cuisson sous-vide. On se prépare pour le verglas... ...

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L'équipe s'agrandit! Nous sommes à la recherche d'une personne qui aura la responsabilité des projets liés à notre pôle de patrimoine et muséologie numérique. Contrat de 3 ans avec possibilité de prolongation. Tu penses avoir ce qu'il faut? Envoie ta candidature à m.labrosse@digihub.ca d'ici le 26 novembre prochain!

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As of Nov 15, 2017—TechShop, Inc. and US locations are closed. Making requires curiosity, creativity, and courage. Finding the right solution takes a lot of prototyping. Through this iterative process we find the best path forward. This is true of both products and business models. As a company, TechShop has gone through many iterations. We have furthered the impact of the Maker Movement, guided the creation of more makerspaces, and launched countless individual enterprises. Now, however, we are bringing this final iteration of the company to a close. The website and corresponding social media accounts become property of the trustee. For questions, email techshop.trustee@gmail.com. The trustee will establish times for members to retrieve their projects and materials. To read the full public statement and FAQs, visit techshop.com.

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